Should You Hire a Web Development Company or a Freelancer?

27 June, 2017

Web Development Company

Do you go the traditional way and hire a web development company or ride the new wave of freelancers? Today, we’re putting these professionals head-to-head to measure their differences and help you make the right choice.

It’s no secret that digital marketing is gaining traction. In fact, it’s been rapidly growing over the last couple of years and having a website become a fundamental part a business’ success. Essentially, your website will act as your digital business card. It’s a platform that allows you to showcase your services and work and drive sales.

So with so much weight on the importance of a good website, who do you hire for the job? Do you go the traditional way and hire a web development company or ride the new wave of freelancers? Today, we’re putting these professionals head-to-head to measure their differences and help you make the right choice.

Round 1: Tech Tools

Both freelancers and web development companies used advanced technologies to create the best websites for their clients.

Most freelancers depend on free web development tools for their work. While there’s nothing wrong with these kinds of software, it does limit their range of work.

On the contrary, web development companies often use premium programs to provide the best products for their clients. Agencies are meticulous and keen on developing top-notch results not only for their clients but to build their portfolio. Thus, they have better resources, access to tools, and manpower to build better websites.

Round 2: Services

When it comes to freelancers, they often specialize in one field of expertise. The work that they can do is limited and not as diverse as a web development company unless they’re on a superhero, know-it-all level. While you can hire a team of freelancers to take care of each part, you’ll have to spend a lot of time (and probably money for each) to screen and process each of them individually.

However, with a web development company, particularly in UAE, you can find a whole team under one roof. Forget the hassle of having to find the perfect person for a specific role. Web development companies can address your needs all in one go.

Round 3: Work Process

It’s not uncommon to find freelancers juggling multiple projects simultaneously. In fact, web development agencies are the same! However, the defining point is their approach to their work.

More often than not, freelancers adhere to the ad-hoc approach. They address only what is required of them and then turnover the project to you. Sometimes, this might even involve a trial-and-error period that is not only time consuming but also delays your website’s completion.

Web development firms, on the other hand, have a systematic approach. As they serve multiple clients, they need to have a definite blueprint to be more efficient and productive. Thus, working with an agency is a more viable option if you’re working on a tight deadline and want to streamline your project. With an entire team of development experts at your disposal, communicating your needs and meeting deadlines would be easier.


Round 4: Reliability

Reliability is perhaps one of the biggest key factors to consider when choosing between an agency and a freelancer. While they both work with a goal to satisfy their clients, agencies strive harder to meet deadlines and make clients happy. Thus, it leaves them with no room for error. However, freelancers typically have temporary goals and in some cases, even disappear before the project’s completion.

Ultimately, you’ll want to hire a web developer that you can trust with your project. Remember, your website is an extension of your business. You need a web developer who can meet your needs and complete it on time.

Round 5: Prices

It’s no question that freelancers charge far less than web development agencies. Why? Because they are the sole workers on the project. So if your budget is tight, a freelancer is your best bet. The downside? They charge for short-term contracts and often operate on project-based payments.

Web development companies charge more than freelancers but with good reason. With agencies, you’ll have an entire team of experts at your disposal. A group of professionals will be collectively working on perfecting your website with not only their individual skill sets but also with advanced tools and technology.

At the end of the day, it boils down to the expertise of your web developer. If you’re looking to hire a freelancer, make sure to screen your potential hires carefully. The same goes with web development companies! In the UAE, there is no shortage of firms who can take on your project. Ultimately, your choice greatly depends on your budget, the type of website you need, and who you can trust with your project!

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